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Protected: Monthly Board Packet

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Create DateOctober 10, 2017
Last UpdatedNovember 10, 2020

Monthly board packet for the Board of Directors Meeting. Each packet includes the following:

    • Board Meeting Agenda
    • Approved (signed) minutes for previous meeting
    • Director's and Agency Report
    • Other materials: Success Stories, etc

You may use the download button next to each packet to retrieve it individually. Or use the Download link below the list to get all packets simultaneously.

10-31-20 financials.pdf  Download  
P&L by class 10-30-20.xlsx  Download  
P&L by Class 12-31-19.xlsx  Download  
Dec 19 - financials.pdf  Download  
20-21 Form 212 (Work Plan).docx  Download  
October 2019 BOD packet.zip  Download  
September 2019 BOD packet.zip  Download  
June 2019 BOD Review Packet.pdf  Download  
May 2019 Bd. Packet.pdf  Download  
April 2019 BOD Packet.pdf  Download  
March 2019 BOD Packet.pdf  Download  
February 2019 BOD Packet.pdf  Download  
November Inhouse 18-19.docx  Download  
January 2019 BOD packet.pdf  Download  
December 2018 BOD packet.pdf  Download  
November 2018 BOD packet.pdf  Download  
October 2018 Board Packet.pdf  Download  
September 2018 Board Packet.pdf  Download  


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