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Housing Services

A place to stay on the way back

We can assist you in stabilizing your employment, housing, financial, familial, and psychological circumstances in a way that helps achieve the highest possible standard of living.

ESR can provide essential, non-duplicated services to clients in need in a cost-effective manner by working with many partners Winston-Salem/Forsyth County area to reduce homelessness and help residents maintain their housing stability. These include the Community Intake Center, the Housing Authority, and other shelters in the area. A variety of partners help us meet client healthcare, childcare, transportation, and other basic needs.

About 95% of families that participate develop housing stability and maintain their housing placements once they leave the program. Additionally, there is often a wage progression among working clients that helps maintain housing stability.

In recent years, community action has begun to embrace the philosophy of “Housing First,” which maintains that once a household has a roof, other needs can be more easily met. Accordingly, our Housing Program has moved away from “transitional” into “permanent” housing to align with community and funding trends. The “Housing First” approach to homeless services allows clients to stabilize their housing and then work on the factors that will help them remain stable. Such factors include increasing their household income, obtaining more suitable employment, improving transportation, and more.

If you have interest in this program, contact the Housing Team by calling (336) 722-9400 ext. 155 or filling out the form below.

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