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Administrative Staff

From left to right:
Front row: Keith Ferger, Deborah Austin-Thomas, Willa Hines, Victoria von Dohlen, Debra Perkins, Manya Stewart, Twana W. Roebuck, Fred Bazemore, Sherri Paysour, Pamela Ingram, Eric A. Glenn, Hilda Moore, Janet McDowell
Back row: Sharon Cunningham, Josefina Cazares, Karen Spaugh, Teresa Simmons, Kena Gentry, Karen Forrest, Clarence Johnson, Megan Reynolds, Luna Williams, Bryon Harrison, Kimberly Simms, Patricia Casey, Norma Lucas, Susan Claire Bowen, Jasmin Frazier, James Cherry, Delores McCullough
Not pictured: Shadowe Magaraci, Shirley Abdullah


From left to right:
Front row: Hilda Moore, Sherri Paysour, Pamela Ingram, Debra Perkins
Back row: Twana W. Roebuck, Eric A. Glenn, Victoria von Dohlen, Manya Stewart, Fred Bazemore
Not pictured: Shirley Abdullah