empowering strength and resilience

Executive Letter

Dear ESR Supporters,

This year has been a time of celebration and a time of remembrance. Our 50th anniversary allowed us to celebrate our legacy in the community as we continue to empower the lives of others. We have been there when our clients went from being homeless to having a place to lay their heads. We have seen them graduate from school and receive a tax credit that changed their quality of life. WE have seen our clients go from having bad credit to closing on their first home. We have seek our clients go from feeling hopeless to feeling empowered.

With the move to our new location, ESR has been able to enhance our operations to be more conducive to clients and volunteers. Our new facility has allowed us to host 24 IDA classes, 3 IDA graduations, and 4 events. In addition, we prepared 926 taxes, and taught 6 financial literacy classes. It has opened its doors to 800 clients and families, one new program, and endless love and support.

To our funders, partners, board members, donors, volunteers, interns, and the community, we thank you. More than ever before, we are able to address homelessness and generational poverty through education, asset building, and stabilizing households, and we could not be more grateful.

As we celebrate the past and look forward to the future, we are confident that together we can fight poverty in our community and envision a world where every person has a bed to sleep in at night and a hope for their future.

Twana W. Roebuck,
Executive Director
Jerry Romans,
Board Chair