empowering people to become self-reliant


From time to time we are able to bring interns from a variety of higher education programs such as social work, sociology, and psychology degree programs. Through internships we can offer students hands on experience working with the low-income community that will help them understand the challenges and fulfillment of helping clients move from the most hopeless situations to self-sufficiency. Students are exposed to nearly every aspect of the day to day function of a nonprofit community action agency. Interns can expect to be part of the team, and will do some job shadowing, along with direct client contact. As they rotate through the various departments, activities and tasks may vary from answering phones or entering data to creative activities such as designing brochures or flyers. Interns might also serve as assistants for classroom activities, or even speak at events or information fairs. We treat our clients with respect and dignity, and we expect no less of our interns. We learn intimate details of their lives, including the circumstances that have brought them to our door. We collect a great deal of personal and financial data. All of this information must be kept private, and to ensure that client rights are respected, interns are required to sign privacy documentation. While internships at ESR never guarantee a full time permanent position on the staff, we love to see our interns apply when staff positions open. Further, we welcome interns to volunteer with us if they have time they can share with us, whether it’s for a single event or to work with a particular program they found enjoyable. Internships are usually arranged through a student’s instructor or counselor, and that’s the best place to start. If your program requires internship or volunteer hours, but your instructor(s) leave the arrangements to the student, we can work with that as well. If you need assistance arranging an internship that your program has approved please contact Victoria von Dohlen, who can guide you through the process. Victoria can be contacted at 336 722 9400 x124 Monday through Thursday or via email at victoria.vondohlen@eisr.org.