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Meet Shannon, a client of Forsyth Free Tax

Shannon is fairly new to the Winston-Salem area and did not know who she could trust to help file her taxes. Then she met Delores McCullough, our Tax Program Assistant, who told her about the Forsyth Free Tax program. In this encounter she not only made a friend, but was able to receive the services she needed to make the most of her tax returns.

Shannon learned about our tax program after years of experiencing tax anxiety that resulted from a commercial tax service giving her an inaccurate tax return, causing her to owe thousands to the IRS. Since she started using our services two years ago, Shannon says ESR’s tax services have “really helped demystify my experience with taxes overall. They know what they’re doing here, and that helps ease the burden for people like me.”

This year over 4,200 tax returns have been completed through Forsyth Free Tax, nearly 25% more than the previous year, leading to more than $5 million in refunds. Clients like Shannon who work hard in the community are able to use these refunds to support themselves and their families.

Shannon says “these services helped me by easing my financial burden. I got back more than I thought I would and more than I knew I was even entitled to.” She was able to use her return to supplement spending on housing and books for school, and she is grateful for the peace of mind she gained in finding a free and reliable tax preparation service.

For more information on Forsyth Free Tax, visit www.eisr.org/programs/forsyth-free-tax/ or call 336-722-9400.

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