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Celebrating ESR Success Coaches

You may have heard them be called social workers, caseworkers, or case managers. Here at ESR, we call them Success Coaches. Whatever you call them, one thing remains certain: the world is a better place because they exist.

This month, as we celebrate Social Worker Month across the nation, we wanted to share a glimpse of the talented, compassionate Success Coaches we are fortunate to have at ESR. With their help, our clients are given the opportunity to gain valuable skills to help them change their lives. Our Success Coaches walk with our clients as they secure safe and affordable housing, go back to school, locate affordable and reliable childcare, learn to budget, save, pay down debt, improve their credit score, and ultimately change their lives.

Below, you will find quotes from some of our Success Coaches and our two Orientation and Eligibility Specialists – quotes from the heart – that communicate the joy and compassion they have for what they do and the clients we serve.











Bobbi, Orientation and Eligibility Specialist

I have known since I was very little that I wanted to help others in some capacity.  I thought this may be accomplished by becoming a counselor, teacher, or a nurse;  but my time in college allowed me to see many more opportunities with a degree in Social Work.  It is still one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Prior to coming to ESR, I worked in the area of child welfare with various agencies for about 16 years.  The knowledge and skills I gained while doing this have allowed me to help others in a way that I hadn’t anticipated since coming to ESR.  I get to meet with all different people that are needing help or needing to hear about all the programs of ESR.  I love the variety in my work and that it is never boring. Sometimes I see people who are desperate for help or answers in some way, and ESR gets to be the light at the end of a very long tunnel for them;  I couldn’t ask for something more rewarding than that.

For some, ESR is just a step on their continued journey, but they find the next step a little easier to take with guidance from myself and ESR.  I hope that no one leaves after meeting with me feeling empty handed, even if their challenges are out of the scope of what we can do at ESR.  My goal is for every person to feel heard, welcome, and leave with a little more kindness than they came in with.  If I can do that, I consider it a success.

Norma, Inspire 340 Success Coach

Why are you passionate about what you do?

Because I am a people person.  I have been blessed in my life and I love to see a person’s life change for the better.

What made you decide on this career path?

All the jobs I had ever have, it’s been with people who need either encouragement that maybe they don’t have otherwise, a listening ear, a helping hand and I like to be so. I am a natural encourager, so it comes easy to do. The rewards I get in my heart is just priceless and that makes me very humble.

What does success look like for a client?

Make a dream come true. Break barriers that seemed impossible to break. To experience the light on the other side.

What else would you like for people to know about your role?

It’s a mission. But is not always peaches and cream.











Susan, Community Outreach Success Coach

I started working on my Bachelor’s in Human Services after experiencing a significant life event. The life event caused issues in some of my life domains: transportation, housing, income, and health. The struggles I went through allowed people in my life to give me a hand up in some regards so I could get myself through the challenges I faced. I wanted to be able to give this hand up to others. After graduating with my bachelor’s, I began working with ESR. As a Success Coach, I have the opportunity to work with low-income individuals who know they want to complete goals of education or finding better employment.

When the client has completed an eligibility, and their income is within the guideline, they complete an intake with a success coach where they are asked a series of questions to gauge their desire for being in the program and improving their current situation. On their first appointment with their Success Coach as a client, they use the answers from Intake to create goals and an action plan to reach the goals.

Their success in the program is based on their progression towards these goals and if they are able to bring their income over the poverty level or not. Completing an educational program, finding a job with their new education, getting healthcare benefits from their new job, and bringing their income over the poverty level gives the client a positive, complete level of self-sufficiency.

The best part about my job is the hand up aspect. My clients are responsible for following the path to the goals they have created for themselves. I am the cheerleader in the background giving clients motivation and helping them focus their thoughts and ideas of where they want to go into the goals they then strive for, the financial assistance to get them into the education that will increase their income two-fold, the background and they are the foreground, and I can point them in any direction they want to go but only they can walk the walk to get there.

They are accountable for all of their actions. Each client has individual goals. These goals are not designed for them without their life in mind. The goals are created with them leading the discussion and ultimately making the choices needed to reach them.









Cynthia, Emergency Assistance Eligibility Specialist, CARES Program

I fully embrace the Mission and Vision of ESR in helping to meet the needs of our clients in a dignified and respectable manner, and believe that when you are able to change someone’s life by helping them move from challenge to triumph, that’s success. I count it a blessing to be a part of an organization that has been delivering on its mission to empower and help Forsyth County residents reach their full potential.











Corey, Housing Services Success Coach

As a new Housing success coach, I’m thrilled to see and help individuals become housed at a crucial part of their lives. We help so many people whether it’s just resources or actually helping them move into their homes. It is such a honor to be a part of a loving and family oriented company such as ESR. We are all family here!














Janet, Housing Services Success Coach

My experience is at ESR as Housing Success Coach is rewarding, for I am passionate and grateful about the work that I get to do on a daily basis. Not only am I learning from my client, we both have an opportunity to celebrate milestones along the way, no matter how great or small. My role as a Success Coach requires flexibly, advocacy, honesty and strong listening skills. Clients need to know that you are present, and desire to follow through on what you promised. True, success for our clients is getting into housing. But the bigger picture is that we are building a professional relationship. and providing supportive guidance, and in the process, enabling clients in becoming self-sufficient.

Recently a client expressed gratitude for ESR services that supported him on his housing journey. The Client reported that he is grateful to live in a comfortable and safe environment. He embraces the belief that his life is better due to the compassionate work performed at ESR and in Forsyth County, that prioritizes “Housing First Approach,” with emphasis on improving lives.











Margaret, Housing Services Success Coach

My passion for the services provided is an endless desire to ensure appropriate resources are available that supports clients in becoming self-sufficient. My career path has provided me with personal and professional growth to respect and support people in their highs and low.











Melinda, Housing Services Success Coach

I’ve been involved in case management for several years. I guess I would say that I did not decide on this career path, but my career path found me.  I’ve always been involved, for the most part, in the human services area, and have worked with clients to succeed beyond the barriers they face.  Not every client is the same.  Their stories are different. But when I meet them, they all have one thing in common: homelessness.  It is my role to look at each client’s experience and help them not only obtain housing but acquire whatever is necessary for them to maintain their housing, whether through gaining employment, disability benefits, or additional job skills.  That’s what I’m passionate about – helping my clients see themselves as they have the potential to be!

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Our Success Coaches and ESR team rocks!

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